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Have you noticed the little Blue Ribbon at the top right hand corner of many of the recipes that appear here?  

That blue ribbon signafies many things.  

The recipe is from a blogger with experience.  They have a body of work (much of which has been submitted and accepted on They are well respected among fellow bloggers and of course well respected here.  

If you click on the Blue Letters of their name (under the "Submitted By" line) in each recipe, you will see all of the recipes submitted by that particular talented blogger.  Makes it easy to find your favoritebloggers and their favorite recipes.

Below are some of the buttons linking our blue Ribbon Bloggers.  Get to know these people, they are the best!

And BTW - One of the Blue Ribbon Bloggers Heather who writes the very popular GIRLICHEF Blog has written a complete instructional post that guided me through setting up my first button.  It is much easier than you might imagine.  You can reach that page by clicking HERE if you want to make your own button.  All the cool kids have buttons, you should too!

If you are submitting recipes regularly but have not yet been granted Blue Ribbon status, drop us an email.  I'll review your blog and make sure you have the hang of our software and it shall be done!  Send your  email to

So take a look at the "Hall of Fame" bloggers.  Just click on the logo to be taken straight to their blog or click on the eRecipeCards logo next to their logo to see which recipes they have submitted.













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