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My favorite part of  This is the place to "store" the recipes that you see and like.  Easy to find again, easy to add, remove and you can even make notes.

First step is to register an account with us.  This sets up your individual page (only recipes you store, notes that you make and only visible by you).

Your account is password protected.  All we need is your email address and for you to set your password... 

Here's how...


On the Home page, you see a row of black buttons at the very top.These are permanent links to important pages on the site.  The very last button is the "Register/Log In" button.  Click that button to register for the first time (and once you have an account established, this is the button to sign in to your account each time you visit).

And, once you clcik the button, you will see a page that looks like this...

If you are returning and have already set up an account, all you have to do is fill in the first two boxes.

If this is your first time, we just need a tiny bit of information to set up your account.  We do not sell your address nor send out daily updates.  We do a mailing about once a month when we have information to share (such as upcoming cooking contests).

But first, we need to set up the account...

And it is all pretty straight forward...

First and Last name.

And we do need your email address.  Once you hit submit, we will send an email to the address asking you to confirm that you are who you say you are and that you want to set up an account (for your protection, again, prevents unwanted emails).

For our marleting, we like to know where you come from.  Not an address, just your zip code.

Your user name is very important.  That's what we call you.  But we have a few limitations... Letters and numbers only.  Please do not add punctuation marks (it confuses the computer).  So "Amy's Kitchen" with an appostrophy is no good.  Better to be "Amys Kitchen" with no appostrophy.

If you have a blog, go ahead and fill in your blog title and blog URL Location.  Always best to cut and past the URL so no accidental spelling errors.  Once you are registeresd as a blog owner, you can adding recipes to the data base.  Actually, all you add are the recipe titles, a short discription and a photo.  Everything else links back to your blog.  All we store are the links.

And finally, you select a password.  Make it something easy to remember, Capitalization does count (if you submit a capital letter, it is always to be capitalized when you sign in.  As always, for security reasons it is best to submit a combination of letters and numbers.

And hit Submit and you are done!  You can now sign in and start using your account!

... Start Using your eRecipeBOX!

Alright, filling your eRecipeBox could not be easier...  In fact, just a single click (once you are signed in) is all you need to load any blog post into your personal page.

In the screen shot to the left, you see the "cells" created when a recipe is added to our data base.  If you click the photos (you have to go back to the home page, the screen shot does not have any active links)... Anyway, if you click the photo you are magically transported to the original blog post.  Same thing happens if you clcik the recipe title.  This is where bloggers write their commentary of the recipe.  What they liked, what they chnaged and suggestions so you can recreate the dish!

But also, did you happen to see the yellow box?

Click that and the recipe is added to your personal eRecipeBOX.  Again, not the recipe, but all the links to the original post.  Here is what it looks like when you add a recipe...

The full screen goes a little darker and a small pop up appears telling you that the links are now stored.  The pop up only stays for a couple of seconds and then the pop up disappears and the full screen returns to full brightness.

And viola, you have a recipe in your box.

Now, to see your stored recipes, all you have to do is return to the top of the page, that row of black buttons.  You see the button in the center that reads "eRecipeBox".  That's the box that leads directly to your personal erecipeBOX.  So, you must be signed in first to reach your box.

And here's what you will see...

This is the last recipe that you added to your eRecipeBOX.

But if you scroll down just a bit you will see the rest.  There is no limit to the number of recipes you can add to your eRecipeBOX!

So... here's what a couple of complete recipe file looks like...

Alright, once again, all of the links are stored on each card.  These screen shots are not active, but when you sign into your own eRecipeBOX, all of the links are active.

Click the photo and a new window opens showing the original blog post.  Same thing happens if you click the recipe title.

If you like the recipe and want to send it off to a friend, click the "email the recipe" button and provided you have the correct software set up, it is easily emailed.  Once you make the recipe and decide you no longer need to save these links, you can remove the recipe.

A favorite option is to add notes for any recipe in your box.  These notes are for your own use and are not seen by anyone.  If you want to make a note for the blog owner to read, go to their blog post and make a comment on their page.

But these notes are a great place to store your ideas.  Either modifications to the recipe you have tried (or would like to try), or dates and locations where you made the recipe.  Anything that could be useful a year from now (or 10 years from now).

All you need to do is clcik the BLUE LETTERS that read "My Notes".  

If you do, you will see this...

You can see the notes I made.  Loved the recipe, but next time I make this I will make smaller bite sized treets.  Not sure when I will give them another try, but no need to remember.  I have all my links, photos and notes to jog my memory.


Give the recipe filing system a try.  It becomes addictive looking through all the new recipes every day.  When you use the search function on the site, the recipes that appear also have a "save to my eRecipeBOX" link.  It has certainly made my menu planning easier... and more fun!


As always, if you have any questions, please drop me a note at