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First thing you need to know, you MUST be registered in order to submit a recipe.  It's not difficult: your email address will not be for sale, it's just a way for our data base to include consistent information about you, your site location and how people can find your recipes.

Here's a screen shot of the top of every page in  See that row of black buttons, the one on the far right side says "Register/Log In".

You only have to enter your information once.  Then when you return, you will be able to simply click the "Register/Log In" button and confirm who you are.  Saves you LOTS of work re-entering the information (and prevents tiny errors which makes it harder for new readers to find your recipes).

OK, you are now registered!  You have an account (hooray!!!).  Please use a password that you will remember (or write it down somewhere).  Your email address is your sign in name.  If you should happen to forget your password, drop me a note at and I will reset it for you.

So now, let's see how to get active...

Back at the top, that row of black buttons, you will see one that reads, "My Account".  Click that and you will see LOTS of information...

This page has everything you need to know about Your Account (That's why we named it "My Account").  Go ahead and click all the various black buttons.  If you click the "My Recipes" button, a new page opens that shows you personal eRecipeBox with just the recipes you have submitted (this is a perfect page to send out on Facebook to show your body of work).  50-100 of your recipes all on one page is a better example of what you do than just a single link to a blog page.  And remember, each photo, recipe title and the description link directly back to your blog.

The Button that reads, "My eRecipeBox" will lead to a page that shows just the recipes that you have added to your eRecipeBox.  These are recipes that you have seen and want to easily find again.  No more need for saving links and hunting for something that you remembered seeing a few weeks ago.

A very important button is the BIG "My Account" button (below the Yogurt ad).  Here's what you will see when you click that button...

Here you can change things, change a password, username or blog URL.

But, you came here because you wanted to submit a recipe...

OK, look below the BIG "My Account" Button and you will see an edit button and below that, you will see a SUBMIT BUTTON!

That's the important one.  Hit that and here is what shows up...

OK, we are now ready to submit... Just fill out the form.

Some things to know...

Only 40 characters will show up in the title.

Do not try to type in the recipe URL (this is the location on YOUR blog where the recipe shows up).  Use your computer's copy and paste functions.  This is the link that will be forever attached to your photo and your recipe title.  It is vital that this link work.  Copy and Paste and there are no problems!


If there is a difficult part, this is it.  You will have no problems if you resize your photos to about 500 pixels.  This is a habit you should be doing anyway.  The larger the photos, the longer it takes for your blog to load.  Think of your grandmother with her antique dial up connection.  While 2/3rds of the world is now connected FAST, 1/3rd is still using dial up.  If you are loading 2,000 plus pixels in your blog, you are keeping 1/3rd of your audience from enjoying your blog.

BUT... large photos will work on eRecipeCards, before we load them in our data base; we do resize them to 250 pixels square.  But in order to get the photos loaded into our data base (and to allow you to crop them), you need to submit.

Here is an example of a 500 X 500 Pixel photo, loaded and waiting to be cropped...

It took me less than a second for the photo to appear.  In order to crop, all you need do is put your cuser on one of the corners and drag the bright box over the less dull remaining photo (the box is 250 pixels square, if you submit a 250 pixel square photo, no need to crop, the entire photo is lit up).  You can also move the bright box (without adding to the size of the crop) by moving your curser to the center of the bright box, left click the mouse, hold that left button down and you can move the bright box were ever you like.  Only the material in the bright box will show up when you click SAVE.

ok, for an example, here is what it looks like if you try to load a LARGE photo...  This photo is 2,000 pixels square.

First thing, even with a broadband connection, it took a full 10 seconds to load.  If I were using dial up, it would take minutes instead of seconds.  Anyone remember their 6th grade math?  The time it tal\kes to load grows exponentially.  Meaning if you load a 1,000 pixel square photo, it does NOT take twice as long to load as a 500 pixel photo.  I am not sure of the exact numbers, but it is something like twice as long to load a 600 pixel square vs a 500 pixel square.  it then takes 4 times as long to load a 700 pixel square vs that 500 pixel image, 16 times as long for 800 pixels and so on and so on.  So you can see why it takes a fraction of a second to load a 500 pixel photo and up to a full minute for a 2,000 pixel photo (and 10 minutes if you have a slow connection).

It will work, but it is very frustrating to wait.

Also, it is much more difficult to crop, as the display shows the full size photo.  The bright box works the same (drag the corners to enlarge, move the box by putting you curser in the center and holding down the left button to drag).  BUT, you must use the side and bottom slides to see the parts of the photo out of the picture.  

Again, possible, but please be patient.  as long as that circle is spinning, the photo is loading and will show up... eventually.

Best to resize.

Oh, and one more thing,

The "Save Crop" button is at the bottom of the photo.  You will need to use that scroll down function on the side of your screen to see the bottom.

Once you click that, button, you are done!

Just a few more tips...

The description, only 140 characters will show up on the home page under your photos.  You can type more and they will appear if someone saves your recipe in their eRecipeBox.  Just write a tease, enough to get folks interested.  We want to be a tool to drive people to your blogs.  Less is indeed more in the description box.

You MUST select one of the "courses" to file your recipe.  Best choice.  Could be 51% "Main Course" and 49% "Snack".  File it under "Main Course".  You can always add "Snack" as a Tag.

And "TAGS" are as important as the photos.  Actually, tags are more important. in the long run.  Each night, we submit your tags to Google (and other search engines) for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  For a basic understanding, click the blue letters to see what Wikipedia has to say about SEO.  But basically, we link your post to whatever keywords or tags you attach to the submission.

So, be sure to not only list the name of the dish, but main ingredients as well.  Maybe the dish is perfect for a "PICNIC", list that as a tag.  How about "HOLIDAYS", but also list which one... "4th of July" or "Thanksgiving".  And if it's a "Thanksgiving" dish, I am guessing you could add "Christmas" to the tags as well.  Are you using "Sweet Potatoes", be sure and do a separate tag for "Potatoes".  "Cheddar Cheese", be sure and list "Cheddar" as well as "Cheese".

One word of caution, we do check.  So please be sure that each tag is relevant.  We want you to submit every relevant tag.  We will submit these to Google with your links.  More is More in this case.  BUT, use only relevent tags.  

And separate each tag with a comma.


OK, this should be enough to get you started.  It may take 3-4 minutes for you to submit your first post.  Make us a daily habit with any new posts and you will get much faster (I can load mine in less than 30 seconds).  Make a project of loading your top ten recipes for Breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts.  By the time you are finished, you will have the process down to a minute each or less.

And, of course, we are standing by to help you.  
If you have any trouble at all, please email us at...