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Submission Guidelines

  1. is a place for home cooks to share their recipes and accomplishments. Submissions are welcome from any blogger with a recipe to share.
  2. But, submissions will be moderated. Please, submissions from home cooks only. No submissions of magazine articles or book photos. Working professional chefs are welcome to submit, but please make the recipes accessible to home cooks. Original work only. Do not submit the glory of another's work as your own. However, if you adapt a recipe from TV, Books or magazines, as long as you credit an "inspired by" notice, we would love to accept it.
  3. Photos should be submitted as square images. There are many easy to use FREE applications that make cropping and resizing photos easy. If you do not have one that you already use, give google's PICASSA a try. They have a terrific button labeled "Feeling Lucky" that automatically adjusts color and light balance. PICASSA also makes cropping to a square image easy.
  4. Photos must be submitted a minimum of 250 X 250 pixels. We will resize anything submitted larger than 250 X 250 to the smaller size, but we can not resize smaller photos larger.
  5. There are many sites that encourage taking beautifully staged magazine quality images. While that should be a goal for all food bloggers, is not limited to accepting only magazine quality images. There will be a minimum standard (well lit (flash photos will be accepted), in focus, no cluttered background), but we will be inclusive. While others brag of over 1,000 submissions in a day and less than 100 accepted, we will aim for 1,000 submissions and less than 10 rejected. is meant to be a place to find the work of home cooks/food bloggers. Rejecting that work because of arbitrary standards does not build for a consistent community.

Terms Of Use

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  9. Be a good neighbor. Treat this virtual neighborhood like you would if you were living here. Be polite, say thank you and please. Encourage your virtual friends and rejoice when new neighbors move in. What your mother taught you is true: to have friends, be a friend.
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